Spending daily time with God, by praying to him and reading the Bible, is important in developing a trusting relationship with God. We have prepared 4-week devotional to help you get into the habit of spending time with God through Scripture and prayer. This devotional takes you the life and teachings of Christ found in the book of Matthew.

Each day you will read one chapter from the book of Matthew. Then read through the devotional for that chapter. Each devotional contains thoughts about the chapter, a prayer to guide your thoughts, and an extra verse for inspiration. We encourage you to use this devotional time to draw closer to God and become more like Jesus.

You will also find a link on each devotional to the chapter to be read. You are encouraged to read it from your own Bible, making any notes or highlights you like. But just in case, you can read it online as well. (You can also read from several different translations online.)

We hope and pray that this daily devotional will help you draw closer to God and become more like Jesus.


To begin, find the “Categories” section to the right of here and click on “Week 1 (Matthew 1-7).” Then scroll down to the bottom and start with “Matthew 1.”

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